Week 9 - Pseudo progression from immunotheraphy?

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Week 9 in the war on cancer.
-We had consultation with oncologist here in Oslo on Monday. CT scan revealed some, although small, growth in the lungs. The main tumor, which has been radiated, has shrunk. No new lesions. MR scan showed head was clean. Don’t know if growth in lungs should be interpreted as immunotherapy failing or whether this is normal initial reaction to immunotherapy.
-Liquid biopsy (blood test to check for certain cancer mutations) found small amount of T790M mutation. Don’t know if this is innocent debris from radiation or a sign that the erlotinib resistant cancer cells are in the process of spreading. We hope the former.
-Dyanne was in Barcelona for biweekly nivolumab on Tuesday/Wednesday. Doctor there seemed less worried than doctor in Oslo about small growth in lungs.
Overall, the results are mixed. Could have been better, could have been worse. We are adding aspirin and maybe celecoxib in hope of boosting immunotherapy. Plan is to wait for the next scan and then see how things develop.
Dyanne has a bit sore mouth (probably side effect of erlotinib) and has had a bit of fatigue, especially after injection in Barcelona on Wednesday. But apart from that, she is as wonderbeautiful as ever smile emoticon
Tried to potty train Naomi. She loves the Potta book, but have not managed to implement the ending yet.
Friday beer was a couple of glasses of Monterè Corvina (Italian red wine)

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