Week 91: Pop the champagne!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Cancer life has its ups and downs, as described in previous week’s post. The roller coaster ride of the last few weeks is (for now) over. Week 91 has been a brilliant week. Here are highlights:

  • As described in the last post, the brain surgery went well, but there were doubts about whether there were cancer cells in the removed lesion or not. We have now had various bits and pieces of the removed tissue analysed and all analysis indicate the following: There were no cancer cells in there! Although one can never be 100% certain (perhaps some cancer cells have hidden in small parts of the removed tissue which has not been analysed), it now seems overwhelmingly  likely that what was interpreted to be growing cancer on the MRI scans was “just” radiation necrosis or something similar. Needless to say, after the last few weeks roller coaster, this is just amazing and fantastic news. The champagne that was in the fridge has now been popped 🙂
  • A CT scan done of the lungs was mostly good. There were two spots mentioned that potentially might be growing cancer, but that may also be something else. And everyone we have spoken with have said that the only thing to do is to just see how these develop (or, hopefully, do not develop) on the next CT scan.
  • Dyanne has mostly been in good shape, even if balance issues still hang around. She has also gotten a bad cough, probably due to some virus or something.
  • Dyanne and I were in Frankfurt on Thursday and Friday this week and Dyanne got a new vaccine injection there. Vaccinations will continue every second week.

The last weeks have been rather stressful. Now, however, it is time to relax, recover and recuperate. And, I guess, it is long overdue to send thanks to lots of people who have helped us in the last months. The support we are getting from so many people, family, friends, doctors and researchers, is both astonishing and exceptionally valuable. I will not mention anyone by name in order not to miss anyone. To all the people supporting and guiding us through this fight: THANK YOU!

Week 91 in the war on cancer has been a good week

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