Week 92: More rollercoaster

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

If week 91 was a week of champagne, week 92 has again offered a bit of rollercoaster life. Here are highlights:

  • For a while, Dyanne has had a cough and been a bit tired. Nothing too bad, but it hasn’t gone away either.
  • On Thursday night, the upper parts of her arms started to be very painful. A paracet seemed to fix the problem.
  • On Friday we went to Dyanne’s GP here in Oslo (he is amazing, by the way). He did a quick blood test and things looked fine. A nose test to check for bacteria and virus was also done (it takes a few days to get results).
  • On Saturday evening Dyanne started to feel shortness of breath and generally very tired and weak. Off we went the emergency room (ER). The good news (for us at least) is that when a young woman walks into the ER, says she has lung cancer (raised eyebrows), recently had brain surgery, is doing lots of strange immunotherapy and other medicines, AND has shortness of breath, then you don’t have to wait for very long.
  • Some tests were done, and Dyanne got an asthma medicine (Vintolin) and shortness of breath got much better. She was admitted to the hospital, an X-ray was done (which apparently showed nothing scary) and some other tests. All the tests, or so we understand, indicate that what is going on is “just” some kind of virus or bacteria.
  • She was discharged from the hospital today and is now back home. Still quite weak and fatigued. But shortness of breath has become much better. And now we have Vintolin in case it should be needed.

I hope we will have less to report next week.

At the ER (poor picture quality due to short waiting time)

Dyanne and Vintoline


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