Week 94: patient advocacy could speed up a cure for lung cancer

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 94 in the war on cancer has passed. We don’t have too much to report. Main thing is that Dyanne has become quite a bit better since last week. She still is a bit tired, but cough is gone and breath is, more or less, back to to normal. She also did a CT scan of the lungs this week and we will get the results of this probably this coming week.

As this week’s update is rather short, I thought I should also mention an amazing film we have seen. It is called How to Survive a Plague and is about the AIDS epidemic and how the gay community in the US effectively forced the government to up their game and speed up the process of finding a cure. Lung cancer has been killing millions of people every year for decades. And any half ambitious snail would be embarrased by the pathetic pace of progress towards finding a cure. There are probably many reasons for this, and I will not dwell on the reasons here. However, I believe the best way to overcome these problems is by patient advocacy. If lung cancer patients were anywhere near as effective as the gay community in their activism, I believe lung cancer would have been cured long time ago. Here is a quote from How to Survive a Plague that I think ring true also in the case of lung cancer:

This government has the resources to deal with the AIDS epidemic and they won’t do it unless we force them.

There is an election in Norway this fall. Imagine if how to speed up finding a cure for cancer could be a topic of the election. With effective patient advocacy, maybe it could.

PS: Do we know anyone travelling from Malmø to Oslo in the near future?

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