Week 95: Goodbye Moin

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 95 in the war on lung cancer is over. Here are highlights:

  • Dyanne is getting better. She is still a bit tired, has had some cough this last week again (but much less than earlier), and still has balance issues. But overall, she is in much better shape than two weeks ago.
  • We went for a lung examination at a local hospital here in Oslo (following the breathing issues). Things generally looked ok and Dyanne got a device (positive expiratory pressure thing) that she can use and which should help get phlegm up from the lungs.
  • Dyanne will go to Frankfurt this week and get injections of the new version of the peptide vaccine. She will probably also get a bit of nivolumab and maybe also ipilimumab.

We learned this week that Moin, a fellow EGFR positive lung cancer patient, passed away. Moin was based in Seattle and was part of a small email group where we and some other EGFR positive patients exchange treatment ideas and more. Rest in peace, Moin. We will be continuing this journey without you. And we will keep pushing so that one day no one will have to suffer the fate you did.

In the breathing box


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