Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Dyanne has been in good shape. And on Friday she passed an exam required to become a teacher (part of PPU course that she is doing). One more exam (on 25th May) and she will be a qualified teacher!


-I was in Germany for three days at an immunotherapy conference in Mainz (here is link if anyone is interested: http://www.meeting.cimt.eu/). A lot of interesting presentations and posters – far more than can be properly summarized in a bullet point in a Facebook post. But I will try anyway: great presentation by Darrell Irvine of MIT (combine peptide vaccine with nivolumab, a version of IL-2 and an anti-tumor antibody, and most mice are cured of their cancers), a famous German immunotherapy professor has tested a new vaccine adjuvant – on himself – with very promising results (and yes, we are, of course, considering to use it), bioinformatics was all over (I believe the people most likely to cure cancer are bioinformaticians, mathematicians, pathologists and immunologists), personalized therapies based on identification on neoantigens are in vogue (hopefully implying that we are on the right track) and, finally, should we be making amphiphilic peptides for our peptide vaccine? As it is science that will beat cancer in the end, I attach to this post a couple of pictures giving an idea of what the conference was about.


-Test results from the two recent blood tests we have done are back: NY-ESO-1 was low, meaning this is probably not a sensible target; EGF1 was, however, high – meaning CimaVax may be a good treatment option.

While I was enjoying my sabattical in Mainz, Dyanne took care of Naomi and everything else. She got some good help from my mother (Anne Berit), Ralucaand Maria (whose au pairing has made her skilled at disiplining kids). Thanks to all of you!

Friday beer was consumed now and was a Chimay Pères Trappistes.


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