Weeks 135 & 136: Progression

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Weeks 135 and 136 in the war on lung cancer have passed. Unfortunately, it seems like the cancer is progressing. Here is an update:

  • As mentioned in the previous post, Dyanne has done a new set of CT and MR scans (of lungs and brain, respectively). We met our oncologist here in Oslo to learn the results from these scans.
  • The good news: the brain scan is all clear.
  • The not so good news: the CT scan of the lung shows 2, potentially 3, metastasis which seem to be growing. They are all still relatively small: the two largest are 8 x 5 mm and 7 x 6 mm, respectively. A third metastasis is 5 mm. The two largest ones do seem to be growing, however. Quite slowly, but also quite surely.
  • Some more good news: no new metastasis have been found.
  • Dyanne has been a bit fatigued the past two weeks, but otherwise in ok shape. She also had some cough a couple of weeks ago, but that has now gone. The past couple of days she has also been a bit nauseous in the evenings.

So, what is our game plan? We have not yet decided what the next steps will be. But one possible scenario is that we somehow treat the growing metastasis with some form of “local treatment”. This can be radiation or various forms of ablation (e.g. radiofrequency or microwave ablation). We are still exploring options and discussing between ourselves, some amazing doctors and some amazing patients. More details will follow once we have them.

In other news 1: I was in Madrid at an IASLC conference focused on immunotherapy. In addition to hearing the latest from some of the best lung cancer researchers in the world, it was a great place to do a bit of networking and I also got the chance to meet Grant, a fellow EGFR mutated lung cancer patient from South Africa.

In other news 2: It is Easter and we are in the mountains here in Norway. We have gone skiing (both cross-country and slalom) and hung out with family and friends. Attached are a couple of pictures of Dyanne skiing.

Skiing in Beitostølen, Norway – 1

Skiing in Beitostølen, Norway – 2


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