Weeks 146 & 147: Seems like cancer is progressing...

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Weeks 146 and 147 in the war on lung cancer have passed. Unfortunately, it seems like the cancer is progressing. Here are highlights:

  • Dyanne has been in pretty good shape. The nausea is gone and the balance issues seem a bit better.
  • We went for a gynecology check-up at the local hospital here in Oslo. Due to some ovarian cysts and an ovary which were removed by surgery some years ago (prior to the lung cancer diagnosis), Dyanne has had several such check-ups. This time they found some thickening and did an endometrial biopsy. Hopefully just some benign stuff.
  • We got the results of a blood-based biopsy (also called “liquid biopsy”) that we have done at the lab of Dr Rosell in Barcelona. They have found, in so called “cell free DNA” (cfDNA), the mutation in the EGFR gene that is the main driver of Dyanne’s cancer. The presence of this mutation in the blood strongly suggests that the cancer is progressing.
  • Dyanne did a CT scan this last week and we will get the results in the coming week. Given the results from the liquid biopsy, it will not surprise us, however, if the scan shows that cancer is progressing.
  • We were in Frankfurt this week where Dyanne got another vaccine injection and also a low dose of nivolumab.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday evening!

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