Weeks 152-155: Summer update 2

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Weeks 152 to 155 in the war on lung cancer have passed. It has been holiday and not too much to report, so apologies for this belated update. Here are highlights:

  • Dyanne has been in very good shape these past weeks and we have enjoyed the warm summer in Scandinavia. With the help of ice cream and more, she has gained more than 4 kg since early May.
  • Dyanne had another infusion of low-dose nivolumab.
  • The tumor marker CEA seems to continue creeping upwards.
  • We have done a liquid biopsy to try to find out what mutation(s) are driving the growth of the lesion which was determined to grow on the CT scan in June. The liquid biopsy could not, however, find any other mutations than the main EGFR mutation we know is in Dyanne’s cancer cells.
  • Dyanne did a CT scan of the lungs on Monday this past week and we should get the results of this in about a week’s time. An MR scan should also be done soon (yes, our hospital seems to have forgotten about that… why are we not surprised…).

Needless to say, we are anxious to learn the results of the latest CT scan. Crossing our fingers and hoping for good news.

Hope everyone has had a great summer!

Dyanne jogging, Båstad, Sweden

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