Weeks 208 & 209: 13 new brain mets

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Weeks 208 and 209 in our war on lung cancer have passed and we have been thrown yet another “challenge” in our way. The latest brain scan showed that there are 13 new brain metastasis. Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised considering that there was progression in the other organs, but nothing prepares you for 13 new ones in the brain. 

So what’s the plan? The local doctor told us that stereotactic radiation to the 13 brain mets is not possible at our hospital here in Oslo. They offered whole brain radiation instead. For those wondering what it is, it’s exactly what it sounds like, radiating the whole brain so healthy cells get radiated too. We declined the option.

We are now trying pulsing afatinib (another EGFR TKI). That means that instead of taking the normal daily dose everyday, I take a bigger dose (5 times the daily dose) once a week. We hope that the big fat dose will help the drug get into the brain where it is needed. 

Other than that, I have received another round of chemo and radiation to the spine.

We are enjoying the last of summer in Oslo. 

Dyanne and Irina
Lars and Naomi off swimming in Asker

(This post has, for a change, been written by Dyanne, and not Lars.)

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