Weeks 85-87: War and its casulties

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

It has been long since the last update. Here goes:

  • On 8th April Katie Cohen, a young woman in the UK who we we have been a bit in contact with, died of lung cancer. She was 30-something and left behind her husband. Katie’s mother died of lung cancer a year ago. You can read about Katie and her mother here. Our hearts go out to Katie’s husband and the rest of her family and friends.
  • A few days later, while we were in the mountains enjoying some time off, we learned the sad news that Kathrin Kobbevik also passed away. We met her last fall here in Oslo. We won’t meet her again. Lung cancer took her too. She was 42 and left behind three young kinds and her husband. Our heart goes out to Steinar, the children and the rest of Kathrin’s family and friends.

Katie and Kathrin were casulties in the same war we are also fighting. Young people die in this war. Young people, who never smoked, die of lung cancer. Leaving husbands, children and parents behind. This gotta stop. Science and medicine and politicians need to get their act together and up their game. Now.

With all this death and destruction around us, we also got some bad news. A few weeks ago, Dyanne started feeling a bit clumsy and her balance was not as good as it used to be. It was suspected that this could be due to the area in the brain that has been radiated and where previous scans have shown that something is going on. An MR scan of the brain was done last week and it showed there are things going on in the brain. They are not certain what it is, but suspect it may be tumor growing. Surgery is planned for next week, 3rd May.

We are currently in war room mode. Exploring options for what to do before surgery, after surgery and what to do with the extracted tissue. Apologies if messages and calls are not returned.

If we can be half naked in the snow, we are gonna get through this as well. Please wish us luck.

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